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Anonymous contractor
Mar 12, 2020

What is the timeline in PA for perfecting a lien once it has been posted? 6 months, a year? We have a lien already posted and have negotiated a settlement but the customer has not remitted the settlement and we may need to proceed to perfecting the lien.

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Anonymous contractor
Mar 17, 2020
The deadline to enforce a mechanics lien in Pennsylvania is 2 years from then the lien was filed. In West Virginia, this lien enforcement deadline is shortened to a mere 6 months after the lien is filed. Importantly, the state where the project is located will be the state whose lien laws apply. So, if the project is located in PA, then the PA lien laws apply. And if the project is located in West Virginia, then the West Virginia mechanics lien laws will apply. If you do decide to proceed with perfecting your lien, then seeking out either a Pennsylvania construction attorney or a West Virginia construction attorney may be necessary. Lastly, for more information about enforcing mechanics liens, this article should be helpful: What Is “Enforcing” a Mechanics Lien?

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