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work at shopping center where original contract was to perform new tenant build-out at a shopping mall. Owner then sent a change order adding another store build-out to the project. Do I have two different lien deadlines? IL and WI

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Apr 3, 2018
That's a great question. Typically, the analysis for such a situation would boil down to a few factors, including whether the change order actually constitutes a new and separate contract, whether work was performed on separate properties, and whether the properties belonged to the same owner, to name a few. However, if work was performed in separate states, the issue becomes more clear: mechanics liens arise out of state statute, so if work is done in separate states on separate properties, a lien claim could only arise out of the given state's statute. Put more simply: the lien laws of the location where work is performed will apply. So if work is done at two locations that lay in different states, each location would require its own lien claim.
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