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order to file MECHANICS LIEN what tipe construction lincense shuod requird?

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contractor did work my house take stacco out and put siding it was required permit from county but he did not pul the prmit and put the missmach siding color and took my money and file the MECHANICS LIEN on me

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Oct 31, 2017
It appears that there are multiple issues other than the contractor filing a mechanics lien against your property that you believe is invalid. Filing a mechanics lien in Delaware generally requires the action to enforce to be initiated at the same time, so there may not be the option to just "wait it out" until the lien expires or an action is initiated if it seems like the claimant is just attempting to scare you into some payment.

While workmanship disputes generally do not prohibit mechanics liens being filed, the poor work and failure to obtain necessary permits likely give you a cause of action against the contractor. It would be a good idea to provide all the documentation you have to a local attorney that can see the status of the lien filed against your property, and advise as to what steps are most pressing. Then, your causes of action and ability to recover against the contractor and get your house fixed can be examined.

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