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Options to combat slow payment beyond notice/lien deadlines?

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I am a contractor who works with property management, typically when a job is completed. they turn in an invoice and I don't receive payment until the property owner pays the property management, this usually expands out past thirty days. occasionally the owner doesn't pay. I am past the 20 day mark for filing a lien. what are my options?

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Aug 24, 2017
It seems like, when you say "I am past the 20 day mark," you may be referring to the 20-day notice period. Contractors typically need to send a notice at the start of construction to preserve their lien rights, and in California that deadline is 20 days from starting work. In your case, since the property management group is likely the agent of the owner for determining preliminary notice requirements, it's possible that a preliminary notice was not required. In California, a party who contracts with the property owner (or his/her agent) only needs to send preliminary notice in the event that there was a construction lender providing the funds for the project. If no preliminary notice was required, it's just down to getting the lien filed on time. The deadline to file a lien in California is 90 days from the end of the project - so there may still be time.
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