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Notice, Waivers and Lien COnfirmation Process (contracts after Jan 2022)

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Monthly "Forms" as a Sub-Contractor hired under contract by the Primary GC after Jan 2022. I should be Sending 1. Initital Notice of Contractual Retainage or is it now Reserved Funds letter which I send prior to issuing our first draw once project begins? (Re: the 10% retaiange withheld from pay applications monthly. 2. Lien Waivers - Send Conditional with pay application monthly, and send Unconditional Waivers once funds are received and processed. 3. NEW - NOTICE OF CLAIM FOR UNPAID LABOR OR MATERIALS is this form only sent IF payments are not received and should be sent on the 3rd month after non-paymnet, Is that correct? Or are they being sent with the Pay Applications in leau of Waivers?

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Feb 6, 2023

It is unclear if this is meant to be a legal question or a customer service question. If this is a customer service question, please contact Levelset customer support. If you are trying to reach an attorney about a specific legal issue, it may be prudent to contact a local attorney directly at their office. You can find a list of law firms on the Levelset attorney directory page for Texas here:

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