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Next step to have contractor fix the problem or pay for his mistakes?

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I Had a contractor remodel my master bathroom, not to long after the job was finished. I start having water spots on my living room ceiling.I called the same contractor back to have him look at it . He said it was the new drain from the newly remodeled master bathroom. He had to cut big hole on the living ceiling to fix the drain pipe. So we start having the same problem about 6 month ago. We contacted the same contractor an he would give me different days he could come out to look at it, but then made excuses every time why he never showed up. We finally had a couple other contractors look at what’s going on. Ever contractor said it was because the waterproofing system wasn’t put in right an the right drain was not used . And the estimates for the leak to be fixed was up to 25,000 . We actually bought all the the materials an just ask the same contractor to just do the work ( labor) an fix the problem. He keeps making excuses they he is on really big jobs an to busy working right now . What should my next steps be .

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Jul 20, 2023

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