Nevada 208.146 Notice

3 years ago

Hi. We worked on a project in NV as a subcontractor. We never received the NV 208.146 Notice from the Prime/GC on this project. What are the ramifications for the Prime/GC for not filing this notice?

We are forced to file a lien on this project due to issues with the GC and we want to understand how the lack of receiving this notice will affect us and also if we have any leverage over the GC due to their failure to file this notice.

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Prime contractors in Nevada are required to provide a notice to the property owners and each subcontractor pursuant to § 108.246. The failure of a prime contractor to inform the owners and subcontractors with whom the prime contractor contracts is a ground for disciplinary proceedings under chapter 624 of NRS, but does not affect the prime’s or the subs’ lien rights.

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