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Naming a contractor on the NOC

FloridaNotice of Commencement

we have a contractor who will be doing a project for us turnkey. This hiring their own subcontactors including paying their own subcontractors. The contractor will not be the qualifier. He is asking for us to add his name to the NOC in order to receive Notice to Owners and know who they must get a release of lien from - Would their name be added to section 7 or 8 of the Florida NOC form?

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Dec 19, 2020
An Owner can designate anyone, in addition to him/herself, to receive Notices to Owner. Although it’s not necessarily pertinent to your question regarding designating others to receive notices, your comment about the contractor not being the qualifier raises questions. If you’re hiring an entity to perform general contracting work, you should always make sure they’re appropriately licensed.

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