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If a business with one physical business address falls on a piece of land that is split between 4-5 multiple plots with their own unique APN's and Situs Addresses differing from the known business address, which address should one use for notices, especially when they divide the building and you regularly do work all over the building? Should the address on monthly notices and legal descriptions reference them all?

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Dec 14, 2018
That's a good question. First, it's worth noting that when unsure of how to handle multiple addresses and APNs, typically, the safest option is to be over-inclusive and extra-conservative. Meaning, when in doubt, including as much information as possible is probably the safest option. As far as what's required - on Texas notices, legal property descriptions are not typically included in Texas monthly notices, so the question of whether to include separate property descriptions is likely moot if and until a lien claim would be necessary. In the event a lien filing would be required - including as much information as is relevant and possible is typically a good idea. After all, missing information could be fatal to a claim and could cost dearly. But the bottom line remains the same for both mechanics liens and notices - including additional information about the property/properties where work is being performed is much better than providing too little information, and when lien rights could be on the line, the risk of what could be lost by providing too little information far outweighs the cost of adding that information to notices and lien claims.
Aug 2, 2022

A question about phrazle weaver wordle pretty good. I think the address on the monthly notice and the legal description should reference all of them.


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