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Mechanics Lien Enforcement

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I filed a mechanics lien and notice to foreclosure, my question is do I need to renew lien that I filed on 8-1-17 if yes every how aften I need to do it before we settle

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Sep 22, 2017
In California an action to enforce a mechanics lien is required to be initiated within 90 days after the recording of the claim of lien. If this date passes without initiating an enforcement action or obtaining and filing a "Notice of Extension of Credit" the lien is rendered unenforceable.

The Notice of Extension of Credit works to extend the time in which the lien is valid and enforceable, but it requires the consent and signature of the property owner as well as you the claimant. Accordingly, it can be hard to get. The extension of credit can extend the lien for up to 90 days from the filing of the extension of credit notice.

If you can't obtain the owner's agreement to extend, a lawsuit to enforce the lien must be filed within the 90-day period from when the lien was filed.
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