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Mechanics lien? Cuz communication has been impossible!!?

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Is this the wisest thing to do? As I've been shut down and locked out of project only while the general contractor is there! I need my tools and need to only finish very minor plumbing about 4 hours work until two weeks ago I was paid weekly while the general was in Florida at Thier other home they've been back two weeks now and have slowed the whole job down and two weeks have passed and no pay and no progress as they've been on other projects with little time for this one!! I've tried everything I'm prepared to file a lien with the home owners if I can't get finished and paid Saturday the 31 st of July!!

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Aug 3, 2021
If you’ve provided labor or materials for which you haven’t been paid, you may file a lien. I’m not sure I understand whether that’s happened or if you’re interested in forcing the general to complete the job and let you back on the property to get your tools. If your goal is to force the general back to the job and allow you on site to retrieve your tools, a mechanic’s lien is probably not the way to proceed.

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