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What's the best Software to manage contracts? We get anywhere from 50-70 contracts a year (and growing). Is there one place where you can enter all the information starting from bid being accepted, receiving contract, signing, keeping track of what documents were submitted and when, then keeping track of Change Orders, Invoicing, Invoices that have been paid, waivers etc. And something where more than one person can log in and see the process/documents of each project?

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Jun 18, 2019
That's a great question, and construction document management can be a nightmare. Levelset is great for preliminary notices, what invoices have been paid, payment applications, what waivers have been collected and/or sent out, and tracking things like mechanics lien deadlines - and thousands of contractors and subs take stress off their plate by using the Levelset platform. I must admit that I'm biased, though, since I work here.

But, as far as pure contract management tools go - ProCore tends to be a leader in the field. If you'd like to look at different construction management and construction contract management tools, Capterra is an online service that lets you compare different software options and see how others have rated their services. You can find the top rated construction management software tools here: Capterra's Construction Management Software Ratings.
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