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If i get a lien against the person owing me on my tractor repair, how strong is the possibility of getting my money even with a lien and generally how is it paid. Does a lien ever go before a judge or can it? thanks for answering my previous question and this one as well

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Apr 17, 2019
Liens do not go before a judge automatically or immediately. Liens get filed with some recording office. For construction liens, the lien is typically recorded in a county recorder office or clerks office. This creates a security right that might one day go before a judge. A judge sees and makes decisions about lien claims when either: (i) The right has to be "enforced" or "foreclosed" upon, such as what happens when a lien is filed but payment still does not come, whereby the claimant must move forward to enforce the lien; or (ii) The lien is challenged, such as what happens when the party who is on the other side of a lien challenges it as invalid or inappropriate.
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