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Lien been on house 9 years no lawsuit on me

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I been had liens on my since 2008 when house was bill the general contractor never paid some of the subcontractor and we couldn't close on house do to liens been living here since 2008. I was never sued at,all by the general contractor or subcontractor and read somewhere the lien stays on fort ten years question can these liens be remove off house or do they fall in 2018 or can file a petition to remove invalid liens thanks

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Oct 27, 2017
Alabama law requires that a mechanics lien be enforced within 6 months from the date the entire amount became due. If this 6-month period passes without an action being filed to enforce the lien, the lien expires.

While the lien is well past being enforceable, it still appears on the property records. However, if you wish to have it removed, a petition may be filed to have the lien stricken and removed. This proceeding should be fairly straightforward given the age of the lien.
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