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lien against owner of limousine business


Need to collect unpaid supposal support from Ex who owns Limo business

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Apr 23, 2019
I'm sorry to hear about that. At the Construction Legal Center, we specialize in construction payment disputes - including issues surrounding mechanics lien rights for unpaid construction work. Collecting spousal support, and filing liens based upon the failure to pay spousal support is a little outside of our wheelhouse. Still, here are some resources that might be helpful: (1) Collecting a Spousal/Partner Support Order; (2) How to Collect Unpaid Alimony in California; and (3) CA Spousal Support FAQs. What You Need to Know. Further, sites like Avvo and JustAnswer allow access to lawyers, and individuals can ask questions on a broad spectrum of legal topics - such as remedies for collecting spousal support in California. Good luck!
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