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letter of intent to file a lawsuite to foreclose lien

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Filed a mechanic lien on property after the home owner refused to pay the balance

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Mar 15, 2019
After a lien is filed and served, there aren't specific requirements for a claimant to give any other notice prior to initiating an enforcement/foreclosure action. However, sometimes providing a "extra" document signaling an intent to initiate a lawsuit can be the thing that pushes a property owner to make payment so that the time and expense of a lawsuit is avoided.

If a lien claimant wants to send a notice of his/her intent to initiate a foreclosure action against the property, s/he can do so at any time after the lien is filed, and prior to the expiration of the time in which the lawsuit must be initiated. Such a document can come directly from the claimant on their own letterhead, from the claimant's attorney, or from the claimant through the use of software. A "Notice of Intent to Foreclose" document can be ordered here:
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