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Legal Question on NV 15 Day Notice of Lien

NevadaNotice of Intent to Lien

I am filling out this form and am not sure if on the second page is where the owner of the company who is going to file the lien signs as the Agent of Claimant or if it has to be a third party.

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Sep 27, 2018
Nevada requires a notice of intent to lien to be provided in certain circumstances. The notice, when required, must incorporate substantially the same information required in a notice of lien, and must be provided by lien claimants other than wage laborers.

As the document must be provided by the potential lien claimant, it may be signed by any party authorized to sign for the lien claimant. This could be an owner or officer of the company, the company's attorney, some other third party authorized by the company to sign for this purpose, etc.
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