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Is there a way to get a release from a lien notice?

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We received a monthly notice and the amount has already been paid. I would like to get a release letter from the form I received please.

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May 20, 2021

You need to provide some more facts. What is your role on the project? Who paid the money at issue? Who contracted with the claimant who provided a notice?

If you are referring to a notice of non-payment, and the money at issue has been paid, then the payment is the proof that the notice of non-payment has been satisfied.

You may consider requesting an unconditional lien waiver to reflect that the payment has been made. Or you may wait until the next payment and request a lien waiver to reflect the payment that had been made.

Please note that a notice of non-payment is not a lien and has not been filed in the county real property records. So the notice is a non-event, but could set the stage for a lien claim if the payment has not been made.

Retain a construction attorney to evaluate your legal situation and to provide advice.

Good luck.


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