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Is printing of texts, that state a contract an actual legal binding form of a contract?

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Contractor contacted via text. All agreements were made through text. Now hes refusing to pay

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Jun 4, 2019
That's a good question. First, it's worth noting that a contract need not be in writing in order to be binding - even a contract that's made verbally or only implied could be binding if offer, acceptance, and consideration were all present. Further, in many situations, emails or even text messages may be considered a binding contract - but that's extremely dependent on the circumstances, the type of contract purportedly being entered into, and text of the messages themselves.

So, text messages could form a binding contract - but they won't in all situations. For the most clarity, consulting with a local construction attorney and having them review the communications and documentation will go a long way. They'll be able to assess the circumstances and advise on whether a contract has been performed as well as how to proceed in your situation.

For more information about contract law in Arizona, this resource should be valuable: Your Beginner's Guide to Contract Law Basics in Arizona.
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Sep 18, 2022

I completely agree with the point, and second with is being stated here about what happens if there is breachment of a contract and what one should expect. Though it is time-consuming and costs some bucks, but with the service of it is one of the best ways to avoid such contract issues. People should have info about it. 

Oct 29, 2022

It all really depends on the circumstances, but I don't think you'll actually have serious problems with that because not all the contracts are written. I'm pretty sure you can even print a banner with printsafari, sign it, and it'll still be binding, and in some cases, even verbal contracts can be binding as well.


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