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Is my filed lien Valid? If so, do I still have 29 days to foreclose on the lien?

North Carolina

I used the Zlien form for NC. It only had the "Claimant First Furnished Labor/Materials on:" which I properly filled out. The form did not have a Date of LAST furnishing Labor/Materials. This seems to be an important omission of which it is too late to correct and refile, and no amendments are permitted. The Law N.C.G.S. 44A-12, states within" Substantial Compliance": but it also states that a lien should contain the last date of furnishing as well as the first date which I did fill in correctly. The Zlien form shows only the 1st furnishing date twice rather than also showing the last furnishing as should have been included as I now see in retrospective after it is too late to refile. I now have great concern about the legal "validity" of my filed Lien. Will this be viewed as a "Scribner's" mistake and not serve to invalidate the Lien,or has the Zlien incorrect template form caused me to inadvertently file incorrectly? Will the court invalidate my Lien without the date of last furnishing included or will it deem the lien to be valid? Will my properly filed, but incomplete Lien still be valid? I trusted Zlien, and your form, and I am very disappointed to now find that a clerical error on the Zlien template form may potentially cause me to lose my claim of lien, and thousands of dollars of hard work as I now realize after it is too late to correct it that I am missing one important date which was not included in the template! Please help! I am going to foreclose on the lien asap. The deadline calculator says that I have 29 days left to file the foreclosure of lien until August 31st. I am trying to collect on an unpaid debt. I hope that I have a valid Lien. I trust that after filing in a timely manner on the Zlien form that did not lose my lien rights because of an error on the Zlien template. Please help me to have confidence that my Lien is valid, otherwise if the lien is invalidated, then there is not a possibility of foreclosing on the lien. Thank you Here is my Original Chat question: I used your Lien form to file a mechanics lien on04/04/18 for labor/materials first furnished on 01/24/18, and last furnished on 03/05/18. I have since noticed that the claim of lien form that I filled out and filed did/does not have a last date of materials furnished. Tomorrow is the 120 day mark since I filed the lien in NC. According to the Zlien deadline calculator, I still have 29 days to foreclose on the lien. My question is: 1. Will my lien be valid in the eyes of the court if I did not put a date of last furnishing? The form did not have that on it! It seems that the date of last furnishing is important. I believe that I fulfilled "substantial compliance", but I am hoping that the lien is valid. There are not amendments permitted, and it is past the date to revoke the filed lien, and refile another lien. Is it correct that I still have 29 days to foreclose on the lien? I'm panicked about the lien form not having the last date of furnishing after having four months since it was filed. I also am concerned about the foreclosure deadline. I understand it to be 180 days. If you can offer me legal counsel to help me to confirm any of my concerns or questions, I would greatly appreciate it!

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