Is it normal for a payment affidavit / waiver to say the signer will be held PERSONALLY liable?

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I am a sub hired by a GC, and the GC asked me to complete sign their Payment Affidavit form that says I will be held “personally and corporately responsible” for any false or misleading information. Is it typical to have the word “personally” in there?

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New Jersey mechanics lien waivers don’t have specific form requirements. So, first, note that it’s certainly not any statutorily required language.

With that being said, adding personal liability to a lien waiver sounds a bit atypical. It’s unfortunate, but errors happen sometimes – and signing on for personal liability isn’t something most people signing lien waivers want to do. But, before putting too much stock into that, it’s worth assessing whether the liability is limited to situations where the signer knowingly or intentionally provides false or misleading information. It’s possible that an honest mistake might not lead to any liability if one does occur.

Regardless – proposing a different mechanics lien waiver form might be a good idea if you’re uncomfortable with the language on your waiver. And, for help creating a lien waiver you’re comfortable with, Levelset has free, downloadable mechanics lien waiver forms here: New Jersey Lien Waivers Guide and FAQs.

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