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Is a General Contractor required for cosmetic work?


We are doing painting, floor coverings and new light fixtures in the existing locations. Does the contractor need to be licensed for this type of work?

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Jul 25, 2019
That's a good question. Unfortunately, the Georgia contractors license requirements are a pain to navigate, and I'll admit I'm no expert on the state's licensure requirements. However, there are some serious exceptions to the licensing rules that might be helpful here - and you may be able to review these requirements and come to your own conclusion.

First, it's worth noting that when work will not exceed $2,500, it appears that licensure might not be required. Further, there are a large number of Limited Service Specialty Contractors that will typically not need to be licensed. You can find the list of specialty contracting areas here, which seem to include painting to some degree. Further, note that under 43-41-17(c)(2)(g) of the Georgia Code, certain minimal repair work can be done without a license as long as a contractor informs the owner that they're unlicensed and as long as the work won't affect the structural integrity of the property.

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