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I want to file a lien on a judgement


We have a judgement for $26,000 and want to file a lien on the assets of the losing party asap

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Apr 15, 2019
I'm sorry to hear about your dispute. With a judgment in hand against another party, it may be possible to obtain a judgment lien against that party's property to ensure there will be money available to pay the judgment. The topic of judgment liens is a little bit beyond my expertise, but there are some online resources that should be valuable: (1) Judgment Liens on Property in Florida; and (2) How to Collect a Judgment in Florida. Further, for more information on collecting judgments and judgment liens, the lawyers at might be helpful. Avvo has attorneys from all different practice areas (beyond construction law), and someone there is bound to be an expert on the subject of Florida judgment liens. Good luck!
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