I thought the Georgia Interim Waiver and Release Upon Payment had to be notarized…? The one I generated on your website did not include a notary block.

1 year ago

LendingOne is a lender that lends on small-medium construction projects across the country. We are interested in using your online service to generate our lien waivers to provide to borrowers as a precondition to releasing construction draws during the course of the project. But, before we do, we need to be absolute sure your documents are fully compliant with each state’s laws. Can we set up a call with someone from your legal team to further discuss? Otherwise, we can;t move forward. Thank you.

Senior Legal Associate Levelset

We’re glad you’re interested in utilizing zlien! I’ll pass along your info for someone on our team to connect! Anyway, as one of the 12 states with statutory lien waivers (more on those states here), Georgia is pretty particular with it’s waiver requirements. Rather than requiring notarization, though, Georgia requires a lien waiver be “given under hand and seal” and witnessed. It’s pretty archaic. While this should be no big deal for natural persons, in order to strictly comply, a corporate party would be required to include the “seal” of the business along with signature on the document. Finally, as an aside – zlien‘s forms have been crafted by construction lawyers, and we stay on top of industry and legislative changes in every state to ensure we’re always up to date.

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