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I received Texas Non-Residence Monthly Notice.

TexasMonthly Notice

Referance no. 4262190, 4262191 My company name is 3in1 tj construction. The company did not pay because the equipment was rented under the company name. But I got a notice. At the time of construction, I didn't even need to rent such equipment, I don't know what kind of company I hired, I didn't even have to hire. I've been calling There is no file for our company. And we never hired a company like that. Can you find out more?

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Feb 24, 2021

It is quite possible somebody may be scamming you, but if there is a lien notice of some type involved, it certainly warrants running this down. If you are unable to reach the company or anybody else named on the notice, it may be worth your time to check the real property records to make sure no lien has been filed on the project property. Additinoally a response letter to the rental company may also be a good idea. Even at this early stage I would suggest contacting an attorney regarding this issue in order to assist you in getting it sorted out.

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Ben House




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