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I need to know what county to use when completing a final lien waiver.

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I am being told conflicting information. Do I use the county of where the job is for the waiver or the county where my company reside in?

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Nov 20, 2017
When filling out documents related to lien rights - whether that document is a preliminary notice, a notice of intent to lien, a lien claim itself, or a lien waiver - the county (and state) listed on the face of the document and related to the property should be the county in which the job is located.

If you happen to be notarizing the lien waiver (whether because the project is in Texas, Mississippi, or Wyoming or just because you decide you want to have it notarized) the state and county in the notary section should be the state/county where you are signing the document and having it notarized.
Nov 22, 2021


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