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I need to find out if i need to pay city taxes?


I just haven't chevk yet if i need to pay taxes in the city or municipality where i live and operate from. Which is south gate california it within los angeles County califirnia.

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Apr 29, 2019
That's an interesting question. Based on a little quick research, it appears that South Gate, CA collects a 1% sales tax. Of course, whether that sales tax will apply to your business is another question altogether. In California, it appears that sales tax generally only applies with the sale of goods, rather than services. So, if a business is dealing in materials or specially fabricated materials, then sales tax may be necessary. Or, if some other "good" is provided along with the services being performed, tax may apply there, as well. Unfortunately, though - tax laws are a little outside of my comfort zone. At the Construction Legal Center, we specialize in construction law and construction payment law - but matters relating to tax might require the help of a tax lawyer or a CPA. On that front, there are some online resources that should provide important context and relevant information. For one, Avalara has this resource on construction contractors and sales tax, and visitors to their website can even live chat with representatives when they have additional questions. Further, sites like Avvo and JustAnswer allow individuals to ask questions and receive answers from laywers and other industry experts from a variety of fields - including taxation.
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