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I have already filed the Mechanic's Lien 30 days ago. What is the next step?

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Clients have refused to pay for Invoiced Labor. Clients called a Work Stoppage. This was intentional, so that they could get out of paying for the Invoiced Labor. Clients hired another General Contractor to complete the Job. Clients have filed with the California Better Business Bureau and the Contractors State License Board against my General Contractor's License. Clients are demanding that I pay for the completion of the work, even though I was only 5 days into the Work. I have tried through Mediation with the Contractor's State License Board to meet all of their demands, even agreeing to $0 payment in order to save my license from having a Strike against it. I have filed the Mechanic's Lien on August 8, 2017, then drafted and sent a Termination Agreement via the CSLB for the Clients through Mediation, that they are now refusing to sign. What forms do I need for the Enforcement of Foreclosure on the Mechanic's Lien?

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Sep 11, 2017
Filing a lien foreclosure action is like filing any other lawsuit. It requires a legal filing, and then presenting a full case as to why the amount due is owed.

If the lien must be enforced, the next step is a full-blown legal case. If you are an individual, you can likely represent yourself if desired (although this is rarely a good idea). If your lien was claimed by a business entity, it is likely that you must obtain a lawyer to represent you in the foreclosure suit.

It is likely a good idea to go talk to a lawyer face-to-face to examine the situation more closely, and start the foreclosure/enforcement process if that is the ultimate determination you make.
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