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I have 2 projects with the same parcel number for Montana can I send a master Pre-Lien

MontanaPreliminary Notice

Job Name Roundup Branch Metal Replacement 2nd Job Name is Forsythe Branch Siding Replacement Property Number 23-1717-14-1-16-01-0000 Assessment Code 3543000000 County Musselshell Levy District 23-0605 Neighborhood 223.202.C Situs Address Legal Description COUNTRYSIDE SUBD (ROUNDUP), S14, T08 N, R25 E, BLOCK 2, Lot 1 - 4 Owner Name CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LDS Property Last Updated 10/3/2018

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Nov 8, 2018
That's a good question! As a general rule of thumb, it's typically safest to go by a "1 contract, 1 preliminary notice" approach. While this may seem like overkill (and may not always be required), considering notices are cheaply and easily sent, it's often worthwhile to take the safest route possible by sending additional notice. At the end of the day, the cost of sending notice will almost always pale in comparison to the amounts that could be at issue if a lien filing became necessary - and the loss of lien rights can make it much more expensive and time consuming to recover amounts owed. As for Montana's requirements, the Montana mechanics lien statute does not appear to anticipate the situation where multiple contracts will be present for the same work of improvement. Thus, sending one notice for multiple contracts could potentially be effective, but the safer route would likely be to provide notice under each contract.

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