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I had 6 houses in a project at once, are my file dates from the date of last house in SC

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Completed plumbing project in 6 houses that plumber had quit on and have not been paid on ant of them.

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Jun 17, 2019
I'm sorry to hear about that. It sounds like you may be working on separate houses in a development, so I'll steer my answer in that direction. But, note that if work was performed on completely separate properties that are separately owned, then multiple liens might be necessary - and that would mean the lien deadlines would run from the work performed on each specific house.

Regarding a development...
When several different properties are owned by the same owner and have not yet been subdivided - like with a large development project or even some small neighborhood developments - that property may only require one mechanics lien if construction payments are owed but unpaid. If that's the case, and if only one lien would be necessary, then there would only be one lien deadline and that'd be 90 days after the last furnishing of labor and materials to the project, overall.

But, in a situation where properties are obviously separately owned, or where a developer has divided the property into multiple separate lots, then multiple lien filings may be necessary. If that's the case, then each property would have it's own, separately calculated mechanics lien deadline.

For a little more information, these resources should be helpful:
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