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I did work on house and sent bill to realtor to be put in escrow, any way of finding out if its be done?


worked on a house and am to get paid when house sells, money to be put in Escrow, any way to find out?

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Apr 16, 2019
That's an interesting question. First, it may be hard to ensure that you'll be notified immediately when the house sells. However, by staying in constant communication with the party who will make payment, it might be easier to stay on top of things. A customer might be reluctant to remain in communication for one reason or another, but if the customer understands that actions will be taken to ensure payment recovery if an issue arises (like a lien claim or a lawsuit, if necessary), they might be more enthusiastic about communicating the status of the property. One way to determine whether a property has been sold would be to check the property records on a fairly regular basis. Though, sometimes those records might be a few days behind the actual status of property. Another option might be to stay on top of real estate websites in the area like Zillow or Redfin - they'll typically be pretty up to date as to what's happening on the property, and in all likelihood, if property is being sold it will be featured on some real estate website. Another option might be to reach out to a real estate agent or a title company to inquire about a property's status - they may have better access to property records (like via the MLS), and it might be possible to have an agent keep an eye out to see if a particular property sells. Finally, there are various property records databases online that could help determine the status of property - though some might be more up to date than others, and there may be a lag from when a property is sold to when that sale is reflected in property databases.
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