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How to remove a lien on my property

GeorgiaNotice of Intent to Lien

I hired a tree mulcher to clear my overgrown property but he left it in a much worse state than when he first started. He cut and left a lot of tree trunks that were not mulched. He really did a bad job and I have pictures to prove the before and after of what he did. When he came to collect his payment, I complained, but he was not willing to either take a cut on our agreed payment or come back to clean up his mess. I ended up not paying him and he threatened to lien my property. Last December, he filed a notice to lien which I contested and today his lawyer sent me another claim of lien. Do I have to file another contest? I don't understand why he would do it twice. Shouldn't he be moving forward and file a lawsuit at this point? I'm lost and needed help on how to proceed. Thank you.

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