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How to protect a job performed in private easement

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In this situation: I am the subcontractor performing $30,000.00 worth of work Property is on a church property and along a shared driveway I am hired by a general contractor The customer is Dish Network Scope of Work is to install underground conduit from a vault in the ROW to a cell tower site located 1,000 ft away on church property I am assuming that you cannot lien anything on property since the work is performed in the easement? In this situation would the $12,000 contractor license bond be something I could go after due to failure of payment? could i file a lien on church property or cell tower for payment issues? could I purchase a payment bond for this project?

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Mar 7, 2023
If your work benefitted and improved specific real estate, such as putting in cables for that property, even though work was not done directly on that property, then you may have lien rights. But be sure your lien is filed within 90 days of the labor. You may also be able to seek the $12,000 construction bond. You should talk to an attorney and relate all facts to them.
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