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How to file a lien in Illinois for equipment not paid for

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Good day, we are a company in FL who built Indoor Pool Dehumidification Systems (mechanical hvac). We sold a system to the rep firm in Illinois who then sold it to the mechanical and then mechanical sells to the Hotel. We've been trying to get paid since May 30th and there is no response from anyone as to the final balance for this equipment.Can we file a lien against the hotel where the equipment is installed? If so is it considered a Mechanics Lien or is there one for "SUPPLIERS" that is different. I will need help doing this so if there is a firm that I can work with I am happy to do so.Thanks for your help. Christine Leonetti DXAIR/Veri-Dry LLC 239 877 0768

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Sep 15, 2021

Parties eligible to file a Mechanics Lien in Illinois include suppliers. That said, you should share the details of this situation with an Illinois construction lawyer to be sure that your position is solid. Interestingly, my office handled a case just like this years ago. 

I hope this information was helpful. Best of luck!


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