how to file a complaint when you receive a notice of appeal

7 months ago
State: Pennsylvania

Filed civil complaint against customer and was awarded judgement. Defendant is now appealing. I only have 5 more days to file a complaint or she is going to walk away with a new roof and we will lose $6800. Need to find form but have researched everywhere.

Senior Legal Associate Levelset

I’m very sorry to hear that you’ve had payment troubles, but I’m glad you were awarded a judgment. While we are versed in construction payment laws at the Construction Legal Center, unfortunately, I’m not familiar with Pennsylvania’s procedural form requirements – and I’m not sure where to locate forms for use in legal filings in the state. But appears to have a lot of resources for individuals representing themselves in legal matters. Further, there are some other online resources that should be able to help – specifically, and JustAnswer allow individuals to ask legal questions and receive answers from Pennsylvania lawyers from a variety of fields on any number of legal topics. Further, for claimants unsure of where to turn with legal questions, the best bet is often to reach out to a local litigation attorney for guidance. I wish I could’ve been more helpful here – and good luck with the appeal!

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