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How much to get roc license


I want to see how much to get my roc lic

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Feb 19, 2019
For those who don't know the acronym, the ROC is the Registrar of Contractors in Arizona. This is a broad question because the State of Arizona has a few steps and requirements to follow (Arizona Contractor's License: Who Needs One and What Are the Requirements?), each of which comes with their own fee. These include exam fees, application fees, license fees and potentially a contribution to the Residential Recovery Fund (RRF). The exam fee is $56 for all applicants. As for the application and license fees, if you are applying as a General Commercial Contractor your application fee is $200 and the actual license fee is $580. Compared to a General Residential Contractor license where the application fee is $80, a license fee of $320 and a required contribution of $370 to the RRF. For a full breakdown of license fees visit the Arizona ROC website.

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