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How long do property liens last?

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We hired a contractor to replace our fencing and paid them in full. Recently, we received an invoice from the sub-contractor that installed the fence stating the contractor did not pay him and if we did not pay he would place a lien on our home. My question is - how long do liens stay active?

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Aug 3, 2018
That's a frustrating situation. I'll try to provide some information to help you out. The question of how long do liens remain active has a couple parts, and I'll tackle them separately, below:

The first potential thing to consider is the time period in which a lien must be filed. In Colorado, a subcontractor must file their lien within 4 months of the last day they furnished labor or materials to the project. If the party only supplied labor (with no materials), the time period is shortened to 2 months from last furnishing. NOTE that at least 10 days prior to the lien being filed the claimant must provide a statutorily compliant notice of intent to lien (with a copy of the lien to be filed).

Second, once the lien has been filed, it remains enforceable for a period of 6 months from the completion of the project. After that time period elapses, the lien is rendered unenforceable (but can still be found in the property records relating to the property unless released/cancelled).
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