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How does insurance fraud work?


I gave ruthless cycles my insurance check to fix my motorcycle after an accident. After 8 months of nothing getting fixed I had to pick up my bike in a whole mess of parts in boxes. Nothing got fixed and now Im out of a check and am stuck trying to finance it all myself.

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Aug 24, 2018
While we usually focus on construction-related questions here, I'll try to provide some information that may be helpful.

If you gave them a check in exchange for work, and that work wasn't performed - there is likely a cause of action for breach of contract (or unjust enrichment, etc.). While the fact that there was an insurance company involved adds a layer of complexity, it doesn't change the fact that a shop is responsible to perform the work for which they were contracted.

It is likely worth talking with a local attorney who can examine all the details of the situation and provide a recommendation and guidance moving forward. It appears that a lawsuit may be in order, and it may be worth contacting your insurance company, and getting them (and their counsel) involved, as well.
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