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how do i lien this property

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we were contracted to install carpeting in two apartments which came to 140 yrds we completed the job and now its a paper chase and we have singned contract agreement. when we call all we get is voicemail . contact persons name is judi and the super of complex name is tom and he said he told her job was completed and a great job was done and she was suppose to call us we have not received that call and spoke to her once and we made that call and now when we call it goes to voice mail thay as three days ago

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Oct 12, 2017
The requirements for filing a lien in New Jersey depend on project type and the role of the lien claimant. Parties that contract directly with the owner or owner's agent generally do not need to provide any type of preliminary notice (unless the project was a residential project). If the project was residential, a notice of right to lien, and an arbitration filing are required prior to filing the lien claim. However, apartments designed for rental purposes are not residential projects for those purposes.

For non-residential projects, a direct contractor may just proceed with the lien claim, which must be filed within 90 days of last providing labor or materials. There is specific information that must be included on a New Jersey mechanics lien, and the lien must be both recorded with the county clerk and then served on the property owner via certified mail, return receipt requested, AND regular mail within 10 days of the lien’s recording.

Sending a notice of intent to lien (if there is time) may work to prompt action from the property owner - and avoid the time and expense needed to file a lien. If that doesn't work, or there is not enough time to provide such a notice, moving ahead with a lien claim can protect against nonpayment and get the owner to pay.

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