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How do I legally pursue a constructor who stop remodeling my bathroom over a month ago?


On 30 Jan 18, contractor started remodeling my master bathroom and walk-in closet. After working two months, the contractor failed to complete the remodeling and stop comeing to my house to work. The last day any work was done was 30 Mar 28. After no work the first week, I texted the owner who claimed he didn’t know his worker stop showing. The owner came over to evaluate how much more work was required and stated he would have a new crew at my house on Tuesday, 17 Apr. I texted him the night before for a time and he said he would send a time after talking to the crew lead. He did not text back and hasn’t return any of my texts.

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May 1, 2018
I'm sorry to head about that. If payments have been made in advance, or if there's some other reason that a contractor cannot be replaced after failing to complete work, there may be a few options to convince them to come back to a job. However, it may be tough to force a contractor to return. Threatening to report a contractor to the Florida Department of Business and Regulation, to report them to the local contracting board, or to report them to the Better Business Bureau - or even all three - could be effective. A contractor will want to avoid all of these outcomes, so threatening to file a complaint may work to get them back on the job. A more forceful option might be to threaten suit - a failure to complete work under a given contract would likely give rise to legal claims such as a breach of contract. When a demand letter like this is sent via an attorney, it might appear that much more forceful. Ultimately, though, if a contractor refuses to return to a job and threats are not enough to force a return, the cheapest option may be to move forward with someone else to complete the work. Granted, if significant up-front payment was made, this won't be a very desirable option.
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