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How do I get the forms for the mechanics lien.

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The X fiancé and maybe split after three years of owning a home together. We had purchased a house after we were together for year. I have spent $27,000 in improvements. My name is not on the title for the property but I am going to put a mechanics lien against The house so she can’t sell it without paying me.

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Nov 19, 2018
I'm sorry to hear about that. First, it's worth considering whether this situation is appropriate for a mechanics lien. While mechanics liens are for improvements to real property - they're more typically appropriate in situations where the party who performed the work was hired to do that work then went unpaid. When a party has merely funded an improvement or has performed work without the expectation of payment, a mechanics lien may not be the most appropriate option for recovery. Anyway, in Kansas, the deadline for filing a mechanics lien is within 4 months from the date when materials or labor were last furnished to the project. When the lien claimant does not have a contract directly with the property owner, the timeframe for filing such a lien is within 3 months of last furnishing labor and/or materials. Liens filed beyond this timeframe will very likely be invalid and unenforceable. More information on the requirements for filing a Kansas mechanics lien can be found here: Kansas Lien and Notice FAQs. Regarding the forms for a Kansas mechanics lien, that can be found here: Kansas mechanics lien form. Finally, it's worth noting that the mere threat of a lien - a Notice of Intent to Lien - can be very effective, even when a mechanics lien filing might not ultimately be the best tool for recovery. Considering the drastic nature of a mechanics lien filing, the threat of a lien can be very effective. Lastly, when a mechanics lien might not be the most appropriate option for recovery, there could be a number of other available options. Reaching out to the attorneys at could be helpful - they have attorneys available from all different practices to answer questions on a number of different topics.
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