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How do I get paid?

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I’m building a house for my mother’s boyfriend. He is his own contractor. But I have overlooked the entire project. We have come down to putting the roof on the house and with the prices I quoted in April 2020 and where the lumber prices are now has caused a huge increase in cost. The man who hired me does not expect To pay the difference and wants me to finish the house, but I refuse to keep going when in the end it’s going to cost me. We used the money for labor to buy lumber and it’s crazy the difference from what I quoted. He says I’m coming up with excuses but I’m only telling the truth. I can not help a piece of blandex went from what I quoted at $10.99 a sheet to almost $50 a sheet. He wants to know where the moneys going but I’ve told Him several times the cost of this is making us spend it faster and you will need more money. If I keep charging on my Charge accounts like I have been in never going to catch up to pay it off. I even used the money that I was suppose to profit to help them buy lumber to keep the project going. He has wrote me checks throughout the house. And I have been the one picking up material, delivering it, and doing the work. I’ve built a 62’ 6”x30’ shop with 16’ walls and a 62’ 6”x30’ house attached to the side by myself up to the point now I’m building the trusses and about ready to order I joist. But I am not going to keep on building this house if In the end he is eventually going to run out of money. I quoted $277,000 for the whole project. He had $209,000 to do it with. We have cut back on things but at the same time have been cursed with record high lumber prices and everything going up due to the pandemic and shortages. I’ve helped and saved money in a lot of places. And when I say I built this house by myself I mean I did everything. Laid the house out, dug the footing, tied the steel, set the laminated columns for pole barn shop on side of house then went back and dug a footing all the way around so it is considered a house and not a pole barn. Got my bricklayer to lay block, I filled the slab, tamped it, done the plumbing, got the slab ready for concrete poured both the shop and house slabs. And have framed it all the way up to where I’m building the trusses then can set them then set my porch rafters and house rafters and have it ready and get my roofer to come in and install roof while I install siding and fascia metal and soffit trim. I do everything Besides the block/brick, sheetrock (because it’s so much for one man), and roof due to high cost for insurance. And also keep in mind it’s for my Mother. . Today I have decided To walk away due to him not grasping The fact that we have to have more money to finish. It’s only so much downgrading material we can do or I’ll allow myself to do. He has threatened to shoot me and knock my Teeth down my throat (his exact Words) and called me a punk ass kid. I’ve been doing this since 17 and I’m 28 now. I’m very in depth and detailed and have a very good understanding of every aspect of the house. The man I worked for was his own GC and I was his right hand man. I can literally do everything there is to do. I just put myself where I’m best suited and where the money makes sense. I have all the receipts, invoices, documents, and copies of checks I’ve wrote to subs. I’ve also on my Computer created very detailed itemized invoices through the process upon his request. I guess he thinks I’m Gonna spend and run. But I have no intention to do that lord I have better morals then that and I don’t mind working. I’ve taken hundreds of pictures throughout. And even Have set up a time lapse Camera the majority of the project. But right now he owes me In all for the material and labor that was extra due to the increase in material and increase in my Labor along with other subs. It’s more then I usually ever let anyone get On my Accounts because I’ve been burned before on a couple thousand but we are talking about a $25,000.00 increase on the cost of a combined material and labor. On what’s been Done and I want my not all but the fair amount of what’s completed on Framing paid on labor. So id say I’ve got 85% done all I have to do is set trusses and rafters then blandex and the house side and run out lads on shop and get metal roof on. And i want the $8,600 I’ve paid for window and doors along with the $7,400 and some Change I have paid for on the shops concrete slab and partial labor. The shop slab was 33 yards of fiber along With machine rental and my labor and the individual subs I’ve hired and Paid to help when I absolutely needed it. I know this is a lot but I wanted to make sure I gave a good general idea what my situation is. Please all advice would help. I just want to get what’s mine and pay my suppliers with his money for his house not My money for his House.

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