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How do I get an HOA to release a lien they have for unpaid HOA fees?


Recently an HOA in Arizona filed a lien on a vacant lot I own for unpaid HOA fees. I now have the money to fully pay them back all fees and to bring me current. What would be the best way to get the HOA to release the lien on the property? What documents would need to be filed with the County (Mohave) or State to show the debt has been satisfied?

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Jul 29, 2019
That's a good question. Chances are, an HOA that's had to file a lien has its own process for making sure the lien is released upon payment. So, an owner should likely be able to offer payment in exchange for a lien release from the HOA - and the HOA would likely have a procedure for having the lien released. After all, failing to release a lien that's been paid could actually result in liability for the HOA, itself.

Ultimately, a lien release must identify the property, must identify the document that's being released, and must be signed by the lien claimant - so, an HOA's lien can't be released from the record without their cooperation.
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