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How do I file a mechanics lien in Alameda County in California?

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Home owner paid with credit card for service. I needed to go back to do some repairs we were in communication she disputes the charges with her bank and they take the funds it has been more than 2 months can I still file a mechanics lien?

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Nov 12, 2018
I'm very sorry to hear about that - it must've given some whiplash to think that payment was in hand only for it to be taken away. Notwithstanding other requirements for filing a mechanics lien, a claimant who performed work under direct contract with the property owner typically has 90 days from the completion of the work to file a mechanics lien. If a Notice of Completion or Cessation was filed, that time frame is shortened to 60 days. Regarding the steps to filing a California mechanics lien, it's pretty simple - certain documentation must be filled out, then the form must be recorded with the Alameda County Recorder's Office, and the recording fees must be paid. This article form zlien provides a step by step guide: How to File a California Mechanics Lien. Further, the zlien California Lien and Notice FAQs provide great insight as well. If you've got any specific questions about the process, feel free to post another question for us!
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