How do I collect on a 3/25/2012 unpaid invoice?

6 months ago

I have recently tried to contact for payment with no response.

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Getting paid the amounts due for construction work can be frustrating and take longer than it seems like it should. Construction participants take longer to get paid than those in almost any other industry. There are, however, many potential paths to speed up that process and get paid more quickly.

Hawaii has prompt payment laws that require payment to made within a certain amount of time. A demand letter can be sent to the non-paying party requesting payment be made pursuant to the prompt pay laws, and the contract itself. Further, if payment is still not forthcoming, a construction participant in Hawaii can file a mechanics lien in order to secure the amount due with a claim against the improved property itself.

Filing a mechanics lien in Hawaii requires filing a lawsuit, so it is likely not the first-step in following-up to get paid, but it can be a very effective tool, if required.

Payment issues can often be avoided through open and clear communication. Sending a reminder on the open invoice, and following up with telephone or in-person communication can go a long way. Otherwise, if that doesn’t work, there are many legal avenues for payment that can be pursued.

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