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How can I put a lien on the developer next door who destroyed my property?

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My mom has owned a house in NJ for 30 years. Four years ago, the lot next door was sold to developers. The developers have built four condos and in the process destroyed my mom's property line and deck. They have agreed to make the repairs in a contract but have not fulfilled the obligations under the contract. What should she do next?

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Apr 13, 2021
I'm sorry to hear that your mother has suffered these damages. From the facts you present, which are limited, it sounds like your mother achieved entering into an agreement with the developer to address her losses - and the developer has failed to perform as promised under that agreement and, I infer, that any reasonable or agreed time for the developer to have acted has expired. At this point, it appears your mother would need an experienced civil litigation attorney to write a firm demand letter with a deadline to the developer. Hopefully, that would inspire action by the developer and achieve resolution. You or your mother are welcome to call me on this: (914)412-7261 direct to my desk.

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