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How can I get money back after the lien timeframe has expired?

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Hi there, So we have a client who has not paid us for an invoice. It has been past the 90 to file a lien. I was wondering if there is anyway we would be able to legally get the money that is owed back to us.

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Aug 5, 2019
While mechanics liens are one of the strongest and most effective ways to ensure payment, they are not the only way. Using in-house or outsourced collections, sending an in-house or attorney-drafted demand letter, or threatening or even filing a lawsuit can all be effective paths to recovery.

While nobody really likes to engage in litigation, it can be the best option. Before actually filing suit, however, it is usually a best practice to send a demand letter setting forth the amounts due, the reasons it is owed, and the consequences of continued nonpayment.

If the amount due meets the limit (less than $5,000) a suit could be filed in small claims court. This usually speeds up the process, and limits the expenses required. More information about small claims court in Florida can be found here, on the Florida courts website.
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