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How can I dispute a mechanics lien if placed on my Mom's home (Estate)

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I'm the trustee to my Mom's estate. I recently listed her property for sale. I've had some minor house 'contractor' cost to spruce her house up. I hired a local guy that was "starting his own home improvement business". No contract - just verbal/FB messenger/text. We agreed on $800 to kilz and then paint most walls/ceilings white. After several inspections of work/touch ups he left the job unfinished and in worse condition. He short cut the project with a cheap all in one kilz/primer/paint - which was not what I asked for. There is now paint on all wood floors, trip, fixtures etc. I asked that he fix all the patches by rolling the walls out with one more final top coat and clean up the paint splatters. He didn't. He is now threatening me with a mechanics lien on my Mom's property. It will be selling/closing in the next three weeks. He will not give me his insurance policy number. I have photos/video of the damage. I've been able to put a top coat on one room myself but I think I will need to hire a new contractor to fix the damage and another to clean the floors. It was a verbal pay on inspection job. I haven't paid anything. He is now telling me I owe the cost of materials too which was NOT our agreement via facebook message. I feel like my hands are tied and my Mom's property is left damaged yet, he can slap a lien on the house to enforce payment but I have no rights to fight it? Should I pay then take him to small claims court to prevent the lien? Can I sue since I'm just the executor of her estate and the work took place in her home? Can he put a lien on the property when technically the owner of the home, my mom - didn't 'hire' him?

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