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homeowner stopped answering calls or texts, still owes, what can i do?

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i’m a drywall contractor and im 80% done with the project i just got fired from. homeowner all of a sudden comes in and accuses me of trying to cash a false check under his name (which i most certainly didn’t) and yells at me to pack up all my stuff and leave his property and that i’m done. i ask why and he says bank called him to inform him that my wife tried to cash a false check coming from him but my wife has no clue what he is talking about. makes me get all my tools, scaffolding, ladders, planks, etc. out of his house and tells me that i’m done. i told him it wasn’t true what he accused us of but it doesn’t change anything.

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Dec 2, 2021

I recall this question. I am not sure if it was on this site or another. You put this as a subcontractor but it seems this is purely a question of your services for this homeowner and not as a subcontractor arrangement. 

The first step is to file a lien. The next step is to write (or have your attorney) write a demand as to the amount remaining due, if there is an amount due. Next, you must mitigate your damages so continue with other projects. 

If the lien and the demand yield nothing, then hire an attorney to determine the amount due to you and then file a lawsuit. If the value is $7500 and below, consider small claims. Then proceed to the trial and hopefully you win. After that, you must take steps to collect if they refuse to pay voluntarily, which often happens. 


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