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HI Id like to know how to send a Prelim to a HOA condo with 30 units.

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Apr 17, 2018
That's a good question. Sending notice on condominium projects can be a chore, but California just made it easier for some claimants by passing AB 534 (more on that, here: California AB 534 And Liens Against Condominiums or Apartments). First, it's worth noting that the ownership of the property is really important. That is, sometimes units or homes will be individually owned, and sometimes they might actually be owned by one entity and unit "owners" or lessees will merely own the right to use a given unit. If the property only has one owner, and unit ownership has not been officially divided up, then only one notice - to the single property owner - would be necessary. When the individual units are individually owned, there are some factors to consider. If (1) a claimant was hired by a condo or homeowner's association, and (2) if the claimant's work is limited solely to the common areas of the property, a claimant will only need to send one preliminary notice for that work - to the home owners (or condo owners) association. However, if any work will be performed on one or more privately owned unit(s), notice would also need to go to each unit owner where work will be performed, too. Of course, if the method for providing notice still seems unclear, the safest option for a claimant may be to go ahead and send extra notice and err on the side of caution.
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